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Extracurricular Activity Division

At Ming Chi University of Technology, you can easily find student clubs for sports, recreation, art, or activities you are interested in. Balance your hard work with lively club activities, from building skills to volunteering to give back to the community.  What-ever your interests, we offer to make every moment of your college experience memorable. The university provides ample space for extracurricular and student club activities and events. Students can use the squares on B1, 1st, and 2nd floor of the gymnasium or the area within the Nine Tribes Park to hold club activities.
Borrowing services
Students who need to utilize sports facilities or borrow lighting and sound equipment can contact the Office of Physical Education or the Extracurricular Activities Section for borrowing services.
***Sports facilities
      Office of Physical Education: 02-29089899 #2356
      Location: 3rd floor of the Gymnasium
***Lighting and sound equipment
      Extracurricular Activities Section : 02-29089899 #2345 / 2341 
      Location : B1 floors of the Gymnasium

The current student-led student club :




MCUT Students Association

MCUT Graduate Association

Department of Electrical Engineering 

Department of Electronic Engineering 

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Department of  Safety, Health,
and Environmental Engineering 

Department of Materials Engineering 

Department of Chemical Engineering 

Department of Industrial Engineering
and Management 

Department of Industrial Design 

Department of Business
and Management 

Department of Visual Communication

Interdisciplinary Practical

Elite Program 

Bachelor Program

in Digital Marketing Design 

Technics &
art club

MCUT Guitar Club

Ming Chi Love Music Club

MCUT Chinese Music Club

MCUT Wind Band Club

Ming Chi Dance Club

Mcut Kpop Dance Club

MCUT DAC Drum Art Club

Ming Chi Card and Music games club

Street art Club

Astronomy Club

MCPC Ming Chi Photography Club

Tea Ceremony Community Club




MCUT Martial Art

MCUT fly skating Club

Ming Chi Badminton Club

MCUT Table Tennis Club

MCUT Basketball Club

MCUT Baseball club

MCUT Archery Club

MCUT Volleyball Club

MCUT Tug of War Club

MCUT Yoga Club



MCUT Aboriginal Youth Club

Chong De Volunteer Club

Friendly Ambassador club

Tzu Chi Young Club

First Aid and Wilderness Survival Club

Faith, Hope, and Love Club.

MCUT Love Crazy Club

Animal Life Guardian Club