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Dormitory Regulations

update date : 2017-12-13


Ming Chi University of Technology Student Dormitory Regulations

第一條 本校為達成學生生活教育之目的,促使學生宿舍管理更臻完善,特訂本規則。

Article1 These regulations are established to facilitate a comprehensive administration of the student dormitories in order to fulfill the school goal of offering a complete life education for students.

第二條 學生宿舍管理,由學生事務處生活輔導組策劃,並指派相關人員執行下列各款項:

Article 2 The Guidance and Counseling Section under the Office of Student Affairs shall administer the operation of the student dormitories with designated personnel to perform the following duties

一、 宿舍輔導員:綜理住宿公共業務及學生之輔導與服務工作,並出席宿舍相關會議、推動各項自治活動等舍區優質環境營造工作、協助心理衛生工作之推動、督導管理員執行宿舍管理工作、協助學生宿舍床位分配,以及其他有關宿舍服務暨輔導之臨時交辦事項。

A number of resident counselors shall manage community affairs, provide dormitory-related counseling and services, attend all dormitory-related meetings, launch student-governed activities in the development of a quality dormitory environment, to help with promotional activities for psychological counseling, to

supervise dormitory management personnel, to help with dormitory room assignment and to deal with other matters related to dormitory services or counseling.

二、 校安中心值勤人員:協助學生宿舍各項生活輔導事宜並處理校園或各類偶發事件。

The on-duty officer at the Campus Security Center shall work to help with life counseling at the student dormitory and respond to any accidents on and off campus.

三、 宿舍服務幹部:負責宿舍安全維護、沐浴熱水及水電正常供應、維修 ()申請驗收、協助上述人員執行本規則,以落實各項管理暨服務工作。服務幹部組成與工作內容由生活輔導組律定之。

Dormitory service officers shall responsible for dormitory safety and security, water and electrical supplies, post-maintenance inspection and help other personnel to fulfill their administrative duties and services in accordance with these regulations. The assignment of dormitory service officers shall be further regulated by the Guidance and Counseling Section.

第三條 為正向鼓勵並促進同學優良德行,以提升住宿生活品質,學生有熱心宿舍服務和內務整潔競賽。內容如下:

Article 3 In order to encourage students to practice virtues and raise the living quality in the dorm, students who are found to have enthusiastically carried out a charitable activity related to the dorm and dorm cleaning competition. Below is the following content:

一、 參與宿舍志工服務,每學期為16小時。

For dormitory volunteer, 16 hours for voluntary service per semester.

二、 每學期舉辦一次內務整潔競賽。

The dorm cleaning competition would be hold in each semester.

第四條 為維護宿舍安全及秩序,學生於宿舍區經查明違反校規者,將提交學生事務處審議,依學生獎懲要點處置。經勒令退宿者,已繳交住宿相關費用,不予退還。

Article 4 In order to maintain dormitory safety and order. Students who commit any dormitory violation shall be reported for a review by Office of Student Affairs and disciplined for violations of school regulations according to MCUT Rules for Student Rewards and Penalties. Any student who is ordered to withdraw from a dormitory is not entitled to receive any refund.

第五條 住宿規則:

Article 5 Rules for Living in the Dormitories

一、 內務Duties


Students must tidy and clean the dormitory room every morning after getting up.

(物品之放置Placing of articles


Articles in the closet should be tidied.


Books and stationery should be put in order on the shelves, and all remaining articles should be put in the locker.


Dangerous, prohibited, or unsanitary items should not be kept in the dormitory.


The room of the dormitory that receives first place for cleaning competition will be rewarded.

二、宿舍設備之維修與供應Maintenance and requisition of dorm equipment:


Dormitory repair General laborers under the Office of General Affairs will be responsible for repairing dormitory utilities and equipment in the morning or afternoon. If any damage is found in the dormitory, students may report the problem to Dormitory service officers to register repairs.


Hot water for showers will be provided in the dormitory from 1 pm to 11 pm.


Air conditioning: Air conditioning in the dormitory will be provided for a fee. The prepaid air conditioning card may be purchased at the Office of General Affairs to be used 10 by individual rooms.


Students who commit the following violations will be dealt in accordance with MCUT Rules for Student Rewards and Penalties.

1. 留宿外賓、親友或同學。

Stay visitors, family members or friends overnight in the dormitory.

2. 帶異性進入樓層或寢室內。

Students who bring a member of the opposite sex into the dormitory

3. 用火炊膳、燃燒燭火或鞭炮類。

Burn candles or other articles, or use fire to cook in the dormitory.

4. 賭博、吸煙、吸毒、酒後鬧事、肢體衝突者。


Gambling, smoking, drug use, misconduct under alcoholic influence or physically fighting.

AttentionSchool has a policy that prohibits smoking in whole buildings. Those who violate the regulation twice will be expelled from the dormitory.

5. 飼養寵物或其他動物。

Keep pets or any other kinds of animals in the dormitory.

6. 特定檢查(競賽)內務零亂不整者。

Students whose rooms are untidy during special inspections.

7. 浴廁使用後無保持整潔與設施完整者。

Throw away any articles that dirties or damages the toilet, shower or other facilities.

8. 竊取他人財物或未經許可使用他人物品。

Theft or unauthorized use of others’ items.

9. 非宿舍公務之寢室宣傳、引介商人進出宿舍買賣物品。

Allowing anyone to undertake any commercial activity in the dormitory.

10. 放置或使用危險物、違禁物或易燃物品。

Use or storage of any hazardous materials, prohibited or flammable items.

11. 蓄意破壞宿舍公物及設備或違反公共安寧、公共衛生、公共安全事項情節嚴重者。

A severe damage deliberately done to any dormitory facility or property, or for an act in severe violation of public peace, health and safety.

12. 未經宿舍管理人員同意,公共區域(如走廊、寢室門前、窗台等)任意擺放私人物品,佔用公共區域者。

An occupation of public space for personal belongings without the consent of any dormitory management personnel.

13. 其他未載明之違規行為或執行細則,得由學生事務處依實際情況酌處之。

A dormitory student whose act of violation is not specified in these rules. Office of Student Affairs have the authorization to handle it depending on the situation.

第六條 為增進住宿學生之責任感,並培養其重視財物保管及愛惜物力之習慣,對於宿舍公物之維護依下列規定辦理:

Article 6 In order to help dormitory students foster their sense of responsibility and encourage them to cherish property and resources, the dormitory shall have its equipment and facilities preserved and maintained in the following manner.


Students should refer to the “International Students Dormitory Regulation for Public Fridge Users” and take one’s own food only


Students should keep the common areas(kitchen, bathrooms etc.) clean after used.


Students should ensure that adequate security is maintained in the dormitory, e.g., to use a swipe card for door access, never leave doors unlocked.


Students should not move facilities and furniture inside the student room. No painting or papering of rooms or furniture is permitted.


Gas or charcoal fire is strictly forbidden in dorms. The lounge provides electrical appliances for simple heated, but do not use more than two electrical appliances with high power consumption at the same time.


Students are responsible for disposing of garbage, recyclables and other waste matter in the location designated by the University at 8 p.m. daily.


Room assignments shall be done by the the Guidance and Counseling Section. Once the rooms have been assigned, no further amendment will be permitted except under special circumstances and with prior approval from the University. Change of rooms without prior permission is not allowed.


A dormitory student should preserve and maintain the public property properly during their residence. A resident student who is scheduled to move out of the originally assigned bedroom shall have the procedures for withdrawal from the original residence completed and confirmed by the management office within the designated period. Should an outgoing resident student fail to have the procedures duly completed, the dormitory inspector is authorized to enter the room to inspect and evaluate the status of the public property with no complaint or objection allowed. Meanwhile, any personal belongings left behind by a student shall be disposed of as waste. For any dormitory property that is damaged or lost, a sum of money shall be paid in compensation according to the checklist of property values.


An outgoing resident student shall be inspected by the Dormitory service officers as one of the procedures for withdrawal from the originally assigned bed room. Those who fail to do so would be restricted to carrying out the procedures for departure from the University.



*These regulations are enacted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.

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