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Student Organizations and Clubs

 From dancing to magic, animal care to photography, and archery to latest cell phones, in Ming Chi University of Technology you can easily find a student group for sports, recreations, professions, or activities that you are interested in. Students coming from different departments have formed around fifty organizations and clubs of various types. Since all the undergraduate students live on campus, they can join in the club activities before 11 PM every night. Particularly, every Tuesday night is the “Activity Time,” during which students are encouraged to take part in student clubs to expand their social relationships and enrich their college life.

The University provides ample space for extracurricular and student organization activities and events. Each student-led club is assigned an office room located on the B1 of the Gymnasium. Students can have meetings, discuss their term schedules, and run their activities in the club offices. The Student Activity Division office is located nearby to give the clubs necessary guidance or assistance. In addition to the office rooms, students can use the squares on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Gymnasium or the space within the Nine Tribes Park to hold club activities. Students who need to utilize sports facilities or borrow photography equipment can also contact the Office of Physical Education (02-29089899#4356) or the Student Activity Division (02-29089899#4345) for borrowing services. 

To promote a vibrant and lively campus culture, the University encourages the student societies to provide social service and get involved in various kinds of community service activities. In the past seven years, several MCUT student clubs have regularly visited lonely elderly or joined blood donation campaigns. Those social services are expected to motivate MCUT students to show more concerns for the community and its people, traditions, and culture.

The list in the following shows the current student-led organizations of MCUT:



Autonomous Club

MCUT Student Association

MCUT Graduate Association

Electrical Engineering Student Association

Electronic Engineering Student Association

Mechanical Engineering Student Association

Safety, Health, and Environmental Engineering Student Association

Materials Engineering Student Association

Chemical Engineering Student Association

Industrial Engineering and Management Student Association

Industrial Design Student Association

Business and Management Student Association

Visual Communication Design Student Association

Academic/Professional Club

Pop Music Club

Guitar Club

Chinese Music Club

Wind Band Club

Pop Dance Club

Photography Club

Magic Club

True Love Club

Anime Club

Busking Club

Handicrafts Club


Fitness Club

Judo Club

Kickboxing Club

Skating Club

Tennis Club

Badminton Club

Table Tennis Club

Basketball Club

Volleyball Club

Baseball and Softball Club

Archery Club

Leisure and Sports Club

Tug of War Club

Diabolo Club



Service Club

Aboriginal Teen Club

Chong-De Volunteer Club

Goodwill Ambassador Club

Recreation Leader Training Association

First Aid Treatment and Wildlife Survival Club

iPhone Club

Faith, Hope, and Love Club

Sunshine Club

Scout Club


Animal Care Club

Tzuchi Youth Group

Chinese Students Association

International Student Association