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Regulations of Service Hours

服務時數相關規定/Regulations of Service Hours

1.  碩士生一學期需服務時數40小時; 學士生一學期需服務時數20小時。

The minimum requirement of service hours for postgraduate (master) students with full scholarship is 40 hours per semester; the minimum requirement of service hours for undergraduate students with subsidy for meals and accommodation is 20 hours per semester.

2.  各學期服務時數認定期間:每學年秋季為8/1~1/31;春季為2/1~7/31。唯配合每學期時數審核會議時程,每學期最後一個月之服務需事先於12/31及5/30前登記,方可認證。

The duration for service hours to be recognized during the fall semesters is from August 1st to January 31st and that for the spring semesters is from February 1st to July 31st. To match with the service-hour recognition, service hours served during the final month of each semester should be registered by December 31st and May 31th, respectively.

3.  當學期若未能在期限內做滿服務時數,則喪失下學期之外籍生獎助資格。

Students failing to reach the minimum requirement of service hours per semester will be disqualified for full scholarship the next semester.

4.  每位國際學生每學期需分別提供特定服務時數(於每學期初公告確切數字)於學生事務處及國際事務中心,其餘時數可自行找各行政單位、學術單位(院、系所或研究中心)或個別專任教師服務及取得認證。認證者須為本校教職員工,且須於本護照內載明服務日期、服務項目及正楷親筆簽名認證。

Each international student needs to provide certain numbers of service hours per semester respectively to Office of Student Affairs and Center of International Affairs. The specific required numbers for each unit will be announced at the beginning of every semester. The rest of service hours can be provided to any other administrative offices/units, academic units (colleges, departments or research centers) or individual full-time faculty members. People qualified to certify service hours must be the staff members of administrative/academic offices/units or full-time faculty members. While the service hours are certified, the exact dates of service, service items and signatures of service-receivers are required to be listed in this passport.

5.  本護照之內容皆不可有塗改痕跡;若有錯誤需更正,需請原認證人在塗改處再次簽名或蓋章才予以認證。Please avoid making any revisions on each page in this passport. If there is necessity for modifications, students must have the service-receiving offices/units/individual faculty members to sign again or stamp on the places modified as proof.

6.  請務必妥善保管本護照,遺失者該學期過往紀錄均不予承認。

Students are asked to keep this passport with due care. The past service-hour records of the semester won’t be recognized if the passport is missing.

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