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Dormitory Moving-in and Maps

入住時需自行採買寢具組及日常生活用品,可於第一宿舍一樓福利社或鄰近小北百貨購買,以下位置地圖提供參考。 入住當天,您可尋求同學提供協助,欲了解更多資訊,請洽詢生活輔導組。


Below is some moving-in information and maps to the dormitory, for your reference. On the day of moving in, you may purchase the bedding items (mattress, pillow, blanket etc.) and daily necessities from the Cafeteria store and Small-north mart nearby. Please refer to the Guide Map below. You may request assistance from your student volunteer on the day of moving-in. For more detailed information, please refer to Student Housing Service Division.


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